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Crafting bench recipe list could be better. I think it could use a filter button, as well as maybe add an expandable menu for each recipe family. Just everything on one page is a little bit annoying.
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Possibly an option to switch between the current and this sorting mode
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Actually I thought about that, the new items came up when we unlock tiers.
What this needs is a sorting mechanism, from alphabetic order, type, tier, and, for me more important, ability to sort from simple iron ingots and their crafting recipes, then copper, steel and so on. In any case, any sorting would be good, at least alphabetic order.

But like you said, a expandable menu would be also nice.
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With a couple changes to the game, you wouldn't even need the crafting bench in the first place. You only need to craft 35 iron ingots, 10 iron plates, 15 iron rods, 14 steel ingots and 14 steel pipes and you never need it again. Everything else you need for automation can be scavenged from crash sites.

Unfortunately, most equipment can't be automated, but it's not that big of a problem.
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Well if we play like pure math  like that, it will take a bit of the fun of it. Also, it is earlier to know if not some things will be added that can only be crafted on the bench.
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+1 to grouping by Tiers
+1 to multiple sort options (like name)

Additional idea: option to show "potential recipes" - recipes for which at least one material is present
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