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I researched a harddrive and two of the three alternate blueprints are identical:

Modular Frame

  • 6 reinforced plates
  • 6 steel pipes
  • 6ppm

Encased Industrial Beam

  • 18 steel pipes
  • 10 concrete
  • 6ppm

Encased Industrial Beam

  • 18 steel pipes
  • 10 concrete
  • 6ppm

This feels like it probably shouldn't happen :)

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I have noticed this too but i assumed it was a progression thing. Not sure.
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Seen this with rotors and screws

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To fix this just randomize again the alternate blueprint by saving your game then going back to main menu and loading back your game ! You will get new blueprint since they are random ! In fact, there is this bug with some alternate blueprint but don't worry devs knows about this and this will be fix soon !

Hope this help ! ^_^

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As I understand it, the number of alternate blueprints is limited (especially in early access). In my last scanning of a harddrive I found only one alternate blueprint to pick (not three, as before).

So it seems you got already most of the alternates, hence the doubling. I stopped scanning the rest of my harddrives and wait until the next updates...


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