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The ability to see the efficiency of a production building is great. I think it would be even more useful to detect the amount  the items flowing through a conveyor belt. It would help us use belt capacity more effectively, replenish bus supply, and throubleshoot bottlenecks.

You would mouse over a belt and see sometime like "Conveyor Mk. 3: Iron Ingots - 240/270 max capacity per minute."

This abililty could be tied to a milestone or research. Ideally it should be available around the Mk.3 belt appearance because that belt has a capacity that does not match a multiple of 60 .

Perhaps as an alternative, the ability could be tied to a hand slot tool. It would give you something natural to carry around the factory instead of a weapon.

We have space elevators, holograms, and light-based construction technology. Please give us a conveyor throughput sensor! We efficiency sticklers need it!
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it sounds like a sensible idea.  Even though never had any trouble with it. I always had the numbers in my head. And T4 belt is so cheap you can use it for any and every thing.

the only thing hard to calculate are trucks. A "Looptime" would go a longe way to guestimate (gues estimate) throughput.
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