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I already have 4 hotkeys taken up by belts and I use them all regularly. Would be good to have 1 belt hotkey and you use the scroll wheel to switch tiers.
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Perhaps a hotkey with a radial menu to choose which you want when selecting 'belt' in the hotbar? Hold the number key, radial menu appears, drag mouse to selection and release key.
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Indeed a readial menu would be better, otherwise agreed
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Don't really see the need for it.. always using the highest tire belt.. allways..

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Adding on Ambaire's comment, maybe it could be like the scanner where you right click and drag to choose a tier. I would also suggest having the same for other machine types. Mk. 2 miner and storage, for example, as well as different wall and conveyor pole options. Keep everything in radials so you don't have to go into the menu to select each thing you want to make when it's just a different version of what you're already using.
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Radials would work as well, but I'd prefer the OP's original suggestion, utilize  the scroll wheel in building mode. It's there, ready to be used. :)
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