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I'd like to suggest an extended energy management system, due to avoid blackouts of the whole base and a better overall controll.

Simple ideas:

  • Emergency Power for special buildings - leaving important buildings like your coalminer in island mode while the rest of the grid goes for failure.
  • Load shedding relais - like an automated switch that opens when you have an overload in the powersystem, taking offline what is behind it, but leaving the rest of the power grid online.
  • Transformatorstations - supply a bunch of buildings out of one source.
  • 2 Slot power connector for powerplants - So you can just line them up without having the mess of dozens of power poles anywhere and you know they're always in the way..
  • A classic switch - your concret container is full? You don't want to waste power? If your miner and constructor is connected to the grid by a switch, then just  switch it off.
  • Battery-buffer-bank - Will help you get over workload spikes in your grid without standing in the gloom of a sudden blackout.
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By '2 slot power connector for power plants', do you mean two power connections so one could wire a line of power plants sequentially? Yeah, that would be nice.
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I was talking about one connector with two slots to connect a cable to it. Like the power pole has one connector and four slots to connect.
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If a container is full on a line i.e concrete then the minor and constructor/s will power down automatically thus using no power from the grid so no need for a switch imo
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So that'd be smart storage container, working like a load shedding relais with its own powergrid behind it.
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@Minrok what Elemental described is how it works in the game right now. Hence, no need for a switch.
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