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I find that I typically finish an Assembler array and look upon my work with a frown.

I hope that Conveyor lifts will help, but it does seem that assemblers and Manufacturers (foundry as well) all end up looking like spaghetti.

Even options using foundations to temporarily place splitters in better vertical placement don't really give the result I'm looking for.

Splitters specialized for these machines would be amazing.

Basically make a splitter configured like a '#' and problem would be solved very nicely.

Manufacturers could see a similar splitter but honestly they're so high in the production tier it's not as important. I don't see myself making many large manufacturer arrays.  But I do have a handful of Assembler and Foundry arrays that I would like to clean up.

This coincides with all the conveyor walls where we have 2 or 3 holes, but they mostly don't make sense because they don't help organize the machines inside much.
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I like to add that double hole walls can work with 2 input biildings but you might need to skip a hole between each machine to make the ports line up. That makes the row longer and makes the walls less useful.
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I think some of the design intent to the size of these things is not putting everything touching.  So alternating walls with and without holes.  Then lining up Assemblers with that spacing.  By time I space things out that much I don't have enough "real estate" to support my mining yield.

One problem for another constantly lol.  Tis the game I guess

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I found that running multiple belts of supply with stackable conveyor poles solved my assembler woes.

 You just run a stack of supply belts along the entire length of your row of assemblers, spaced 1.5 foundation squares away from the machine inputs. You place splitters directly onto the belts where needed. Splitters can overlap so you can have them all neat in a column if you wish. Beware that the long supply belts can not be placed again if accidently deleted them because of clipping through the splitter. To avoid this issue, alternate one empty stack space for each belt in your coveyor pole stqck. You might need to increase the foundation spacing to account for the change in height, however.
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Yeah that's currently pretty much how I do it.  Just don't like it.
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