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Technically this is possible as-is, but I think it could be improved upon in ways to save space or make them look nicer.

Much like stackable conveyor poles having truck stations attach to each other side by side.  I don't see much importance in these having fuel tanks.

It would be nice also to have fuel stations that only supply fuel for trucks.  I drive a tractor around everywhere.... Driving up to a "gas station" would be really nice Qol improvement.

The gain in truck station arrays is that most all of my factories with truck stops have at least 2 stops.  Except my concrete factories ... They don't need multiple.

These specialized stops would really need filtering to make sure they don't grab the wrong items.  And/or truck stops should be improved to only take items from stationary vehicles.  It would actually be really nice if I could drive through stops without it taking items.
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Oh, that's interesting. You are remote manufacturing components.. I think most people just truck coal and super-long-belt everything else, haha. If you need to deliver deeper into your base I can see the size issue.  Maybe you can just settle for trucking to the open base outskirts and minibusing to the compartment? Or perhaps ship to a main bus system?

Also, how has trucking worked out for you in spite of space concerns? What would you say are the benefits of shipping completed components and avvoiding megabelts?
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Well I'm mostly experimenting with it and having a setup conducive to trains when they drop.  The results have actually been amazing.  My source factories run 100% efficiency almost constantly if the trucks don't wreck lol.

The core destination factory runs in 100% bursts.  Having it setup this way I'm able to produce top tier items at 100% with arrays like 20 Assemblers producing modular frames.  It consumes deliveries before next one shows up but it's insane in how large my arrays are.

Also it's much easier to tear down parts of my factory since their not so interconnected.

Biggest thing I have trouble consuming is the coal shipments.
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Solution: More coal generators to service more truck stations that service MORE TRUCKS.
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Haha yeah, running out of good space to put coal generators... So probably gonna start putting some im weird places.

Overall first time setting up this way has been slower than traditional way.  I think future builds will be faster but also I know I've done trucks in some cases where I really didn't need to.  It's a learning process for sure.
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If you are running out of space for coal generators, what you can do is to put slugs into the existing generators.
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