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We can all agree that this game is satisfying our organizational or OCD crazings. Great job Devs!

One thing I wish could be added is a building option to mirror your builds! along with rotating builds, anchoring to the lines, etc...

You can rotate your builds and makes things nice and square with foundation, however certain machines like foundry's and assemblers have 2 inputs and 1 output that change the shape of your typical build. In my case, I love setting up assembly lines. However, with steel production, you need foundry's which places the output more on one side than the other (tbh at the moment I forget which... I think left). this causes the conveyor belts to take slightly different paths when you line up to buildings with the foundation and causes the output conveyors to have to make a diagonal trajectory in order to get to the next machine I set up in the straight assembly line. 

My suggestion would be a quality of life feature request that gives us the option to also mirror your build so that you have perfectly placed symmetrical buildings and assembly lines to really satisfy your factory creation! 

Thanks for giving this a read through, upvote if you agree :)

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(if only we could select stuff and mirror them to place a new mass construction job...)
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What do you mean?
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I think this would eliminate too much grind. The only reason this game is so satisfactory is because you work at something until completion and when it is done it is very gratifying and satisfying to switch it on and watch it work. I find even larger factories to be perfectly acceptable in regards to time to assemble.
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I completely agree however I don't find this pertinent to my suggestion. I'm simply asking that they can give you the option to make a smelter's output come out on the left OR the right of the machine. Not even the middle, which would be ideal. This way I can have everything look symmetrical :)
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