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The Programmable Splitter is unable to split the same item. Is this a Bug or a Feature?

For example, I am running chain-feeder system with multiple in-line smelters. I have a merger and a programmable splitter.


I have the Iron Ore essentially 'jumping' from the source, to the merger, then from the splitter to the next merger, feeding the next smelter with some iron oar each time. The splitter is supposed to send the ingots to the outer and keep funneling iron ore into each smelter. (P. Splitter: CENTRE-IronOre. LEFT-IronOre AND IronIngots.

However the program splitter will not split the same item. Please advise.

(N.B. Just to fully test the game in it's current state I have used cheats to be able to build the Programmable Splitter. )

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P. Splitter: CENTRE-everything else LEFT-IronOre AND IronIngots that is how they work

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So that's expected behaviour? It actually won't split the same items?

Because I actually want Iron Ore to go left AND centre, since it's daisy-chain feeder.
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P.Splitter is obeying the rule you give it always. If you said "iron ore should exit the right side" then iron ore will always and for ever and only ever exit the right side, even if you only input iron ore and you have connected all exits.
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When I program the splitter to send Q wire left and then reprogram it to also go center then it no longer sends Q wire left and only goes center. I have to use a conventional splitter in conjunction with the P splitter to get it to do what I want. Even if I have the P splitter send Q wire all directions it only goes center.
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That is an excellent new topic to make! This is not the same as this topic. You specifically instructed two exits, which a) could be a defect in that it should not let you do it, or b) could be a defect in that it should let you but it doesn't work. Please add this question in the system.
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