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Health and protection are vital in a hostile area like we have here to play in.

The M.R.C. - Medical Research Center - is the medical version of the HUB.

Same as the HUB you need to upgarde to fulfill all your medical needs and maybe more. The fully grown M.R.C. will be your little private biodome, it will keep you healthy and make you stronger against a world full of creatures that are trying to kill you on sight. There you will be able to grow nuts, berries, mycelia and also the well known mushrooms.

Some rough main features of the M.R.C.

  • The M.R.C. will automatically produce medical inhalers for you if you want it to.
  • If you have all integrates for the medical inhaler growing inside the M.R.C. you will slowly regenerate to full health when you stay inside.
  • You will find that you're not the only one who finds it compfy in there - so say hi to Lizard Doggo, it will pop up in there sometimes, curled up in a corner with some leaves - sleeping.

Some of the things you could research at the M.R.C.:

  • Biomedical fluid (inventory only) - This is used to refill your medical equipment.
  • Heal booster (body slot) - The heal booster will heal you up to 6 segments if you get hurt, it will consume biomedical fluid from your inventory.
  • Health booster (body slot) - The health booster will reduce the damage you take by 25%, as long as it is active it will slowly consume biomedical fluid from your inventory.
  • Rationpack (hands slot) - The rationpack is what it sound like: Food. It has three components, beacon agaric, berly nuts and paleberries. See it as an exotic and hearty mushroom stew and a nice sweet'n'crunchy berry'n'nut bar as dessert. - Restores 6 health segments at once.
  • Carapace Armor (body slot) - You ready for war? - Your armor is. 10 segments of armor, absorbs all damage. This armor is consumable and can not be repaired.
  • Bio-neural gel pack - This thing I has stolen von Star Trek Voyager, it will enhance the systems of a powersuit.
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I like it :)
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Really like the idea.
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