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The coal generator is the only item currently in the game that doesn't show current consumption rate of its resource. Every other building in the game shows rate of consumption and updates it when over- or downclocking it, so it is a dynamically calculated number.

However, the coal generator doesn't show how much coal it consumes currently when you open up the configuration panel of the coal generator.

Yes we can calculate stuff, that is not the point. Bring the coal generator panel in line with every other entity in the game.
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but that is ALL that is says. When the load is not maximum, and that is basically ALL the time, there is no indicaiton how much coal is being consumed. That was the point I was making at the end; that we can CALCULATE how much is currently being used, but what if you overclock one to 200 and another to 150 and three more at 175?
How do you match, with a degree of ACCURACY, how much consumption you want to have based on the production rate of your coal if there is no CURRENT and always updated Cunsumption rate available? Yes, do the math. Point I'm trying to raise; it's not HARD to do the math. The point is: why is the Coal Generator the only machine not showing CURRENT consumption rate?
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Hm. Fuel generator and biomass generator, as well, if that's what you're looking for.

That said, I've never bothered overclocking generators.. just built more of them and overclocked the oil wells / coal miners instead.
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I've done both. It reduces the construction cost, and the square footage needed.
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Are you sure current consumption will be usefull to you? Because, I for example, take into account only max consumption and I know that if I load my power grid to a max, It won't shut off eventually when generators internal storages run out, because my fuel lines can't supply them working on their max load.
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"Are you sure current consumption will be usefull to you?" Just consider that the argument is the same with every other consumption. Would it be useful to know current power consumption? Why not only know max? Know curreny resource consumption? Why? as long as you know the max. Know current efficiency? Why? you know that max is 100%.
The more data we have, the more we can make decisions based on these data, which , once again, it's not extremely hard to calculate, but then almost nothing of the above is hard to calculate. It is offered none the less. That is all I request, offer this one too.
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