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Is it possible to get some half wall so that we can cover up the half/small foundation and is it possible to get in some fences and fence gate?

I miss a wall opning that is same wide as the walkway. The gate opning is to wide.
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i want:

wall door left with right conveyor window
wall door right with left conveyor window
grey wall gate
truck gate (grey and yellow wall, current gate is too small for the truck)

They would be very useful.

In addition to that, i want to color the "grey wall" also
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Triangular walls to fit the slope foundations. I cant stand using regular walls on my sloped walkways.
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Yep, fences / boundary markers would be super useful to zone off radioactive areas for example.

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There's already doors out there, but otherwise, I also would really like to have a half wall. Right now, I've been using half foundations to create 2 different wall heights which allows me to create spaces which are an odd number of walls high. It's also very useful to get 2 conveyor walls hangners right on top of each other.
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The are door opning with no doors in them. The same goes for the  gate opning. It had been nice with some doors/gate in them. That was opning and closing automatic when you was close enough or to far away from the doors/gate
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Make it like star trek with a silent "pssssh" as they operate :D
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Since my first comment, I've had a lot more time to find the limits of the trick I mention to create 2 different wall heights. In particular, there's just no way to deal with half foundations when they are used as a hanging floor. I've been forced to completly rule them out for that use. It either would not look right, or it would not be very functional. I just keep encountering situations where a half wall is really what I would need to get the effect that I want. The only other way to deal with this problem is to build more height and that really makes things more massive then I want them to be.
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Agree with both of you.
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