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A friend of mine and i have been spending quite a bit of time on the game so far and we've come to enjoy the game quite a bit. We have already made a bug report on all the bugs we have encountered.
The bugs isn't a huge problem
 but the performance hit you take when you get alot of conveyor belts and machines going is. What we are suggesting is the conveyor belt mk3 and above should be atleast 90% closed where the objects inside it isn't rendered.
Sure it looks cool to see the ore going along the conveyor belt but it feels like that is where most of the gpu goes into "late game". 

With 90% closed we mean the start and end could be open so you see the ore go out from the machine and into another machine (example)

We are so far having tons of fun and we hope you will take this into consideration.

Jamie Wyard and Andreas Soegaard.

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We don't know yet, but it's looking far better than long distance belts i think
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So am I understanding this correct, Satisfactory is getting trains ?

Cos thats pretty awesome if its true !
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Looking back at this and; "What we are suggesting is the conveyor belt mk3 and above should be atleast 90% closed where the objects inside it isn't rendered"

Sorry, but that doesn't actually help much. I had the same stutter when I was clearly out of rendering distance: https://i.imgur.com/bklEgry.jpg
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Yeah well i had 80 fps around all my conveyor belts moving stuff into my giga factory and when i moved out of the render distance i was around 140-155 fps. Even just covering up the conveyor belts with walls helps alot but why should i have to do that when it is not very smart to have alot of objects unnecessary rendered and not only that but they are also moving around.
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Who is downvoting this?... madness!!!

Great idea, I really think something like this should be enabled
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