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Silicium is just everywhere - around us and inside of us, but not yet in Satisfatory.

So how about to add it to the game aswell? Silicium is used in computers also like it used for solar power, so we already have two or more uses for it.

Possibliy things:

  • Raw silicium deposit - this is where your miner can smack its teeth into the ground. (Miner)
  • Solar silicium - Used for solarpanels (Constructor)
  • Semicondutor silicium - Used in circuits and computers (Constructor)
  • Solarpanel Mk1 - Generates up to 30MW
  • Solarpanel Mk2 - Generates up to 60MW
  • Solarpanel Mk3 - Generates up to 90MW
  • Parabolic trough power plant - Generates up to 150MW
  • Accumulator - Stores energy
During the day you can go for green energy if you have enough of them, also it becomes efficient, cause you can use the resources for something else if you have solar power instead of coal or oil. Also you don't need fuel for the panels, so this would a good solution for island mode if you have a remote miner out there.
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Better known in English as Silicon.

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With the recent patch, i was abble to get some in my own hand in game ;) It just doesn't have an icon yet (it a white square icon at the moment) and doesn't have a use yet too !

I like your Solar Power Idea tho !

Hope this help ! ^_^

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