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Limestone Deposit at

X: 284802.5 Y: 111595.875 Z: -1646.4715576171875 using https://www.satisfactorymap.com

Does not produce any limestone.

Display indicates 120 pr minut using mk2 miner. But producing stuck at 0% and empty.

No Errors indicated in display. 

Indicator bar on miner blinks Yellow as in standby

This patch cannot be manually mined either

The deposit was mining fine until 0.104 where it stopped working.

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As reference. Mk.1 miner does not produce either and second deposit some 500m away works as intended.
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I have a similar issue with a minor mk2 that I have on a S.A.M ore node but it will run for about 30 seconds when I load into the game but then stop with no error messages at all, no longer consumes power either ! I did also try a minor mk1 but did not work either.
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Had the same experience as Elemental Modding.

When leaving the game and having it closed down for a few hours it seemed to start working again. But only for a limited period of time.
And closing the game and reopening it right away did not seem to have an effect for me.

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Have you tried reloading your game (Save then go to Main menu and load it back up) ? 

That one work as intended for me... 

Are you doing manual saves ? 

Usually i will create save like ;

  • At0micA55_[MAP_NAME_I_CHOOSE]_Manual_Save_1
  • At0micA55_[MAP_NAME_I_CHOOSE]_Manual_Save_2
  • Then here is the Auto-Save
Hope this help ! ^_^ 
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Might be a defined as a workaround. But since i have 150 hours of play and this broke something like 25 hours ago I would much rather just skip using the node.
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