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in the bullet points below is my idea on how the weapon could be modified to help with the early game until you get the proper weapons like the sword.

  • tier 1 is the non-upgraded version where it does the base electric damage and has the stun
  • tier 2 is where you can upgrade it with 2 rods and 1-2 iron plates to extend its range and make it a crude spear with the loss of the electricity due to the crudeness of the design
  • tier 3 is where you get to refine it and it regains a little of the electric damage but at the loss of the stun
  • tier 4 is where from that you can upgrade it to below the damage of what the sword can be but also can add in where the power slugs can be used to forge upgrades to the slot on it by crafting to allow it to do more damage.

on top of that, the same could be done with the sword and gun as the sword could have plates modified onto it to enhance the damage at the cost of swing speed.

other ideas for tools as well is to have special resources for specific crafting inside caves which can only be mined with say a jackhammer. 

any one's thoughts on this are welcome and any developers can give input on what they think would be appreciated 

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Due to data mining, we know that we are getting rifles, both mk1 and mk2. Don't know if this changes how you feel about the above.
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