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This will be a step by step guide to make a temperary fix on the input delay/lag a lot of people have been experincing in multiplayer sessions. I dont know why, but i wasnt able to put pictures into this post, so i'll have a link to a google drive folder with pictures numbered from 1-12, each step numbered here is connected with a picture with the same number. do not open your game before step 9.

Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1juhX2d6PWvA9mCQ7ZMvEsPSm2mxMZhgz?usp=sharing

1. Before you launch your game, head down to your windows bar and search for %appdata%. From here you will end up in a folder called roaming, now just head one side back to the appdata folder.

2. Inside the appdata folder you see a few folders, now select the local folder as marked on the picture.

3. Find the folder called Factorygame

4. Now select Saved

5. Now select Config

6. Now select WindowsNoEditor

7. Make sure your game is closed and now open GameUserSettings.ini

8. Here you will have to find mNetworkQuality=3. Now change the value 3 to 6. what you are doing here is overwriting the standart networkquality which is ultra, and youre now able to configure it without it be set back to the standart of the ultra network setting. Once you've changed the value make sure to save.

9. Now start up your game and host your server and let your friends join(or join your friends). Tab out of the game again and find the fil called Game.ini

10. you will see 3 different values, these values are set after the ultra networkquality setting. Now change all the values to 500000 and save again. Now head back into the game and enjoy the non laggy gameplay. Make sure everyone that is connected to the game have followed the steps.

NOTE! sometimes the changes might be reset after closing the game and you'll have to follow the steps once again.

UPVOTE this so more people can enjoy the game in multiplayer, until coffee stain find a permanant solution for this.
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go beyond PLUS ULTRA!
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This is defo Ultra +++ :')
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Didn't work for me :/
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This solution did not work for me, but I cobbled it together with some other advice to host several players in a VERY big factory.  My explanation is here:  https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/b821t4/after_100_hours_multiplayer_becomes_unplayable/elh0hpq?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
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This solution added by prolways, work for me and my buddy
Nice hack :)
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Prolways, true, by changing all network values to higher than The default ones seems to work better on much larger factorys, thanks for the add-on! :))
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Thank you very much, prolways! These settings really helped a lot, my colleague can now directly start playing after joining, and no more lags! Thanks you very much! Hope the devs will quickly fix this in the code, looks like it's easy to fix...
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