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This is half bug-report/half suggestion. The crashed drop pods without batteries say they require some amount of MWH (lets say 20) to open. However, what they are looking for is a supply of 20MW until you open the door.

This means that if you don't open the door they will continue to suck 20MW which doesn't really make much sense if nothing is happening.

I would suggest the drop pod requirements say 20MJ (because 20MWH is a lot for a door) and when hooked to a power grid it won't consume any power until the door opens where it will start consuming 20MW for 1s to open the door.

Or it can say 20MW required and still only consume power for the 1 second of door opening.

To be even more correct, it could say X MJ at Y MW whereby you need a powerline capacity of Y MW connected for X/Y seconds and have a energy bar that fills up.
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You are technically correct. They could fix that. Practically, doesn't matter much :) I've connected the and then removed the connections when I looted them.
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65/80MW pods exist. The only reason why they use MW instead of MJ is consistency.
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I really don't have a problem with the way it is setup, although technically you are right but why would you leave it connected ?
Connect, open, disconnect and move on....

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It needs 20MW and not 20 MWh so the menu is plain wrong. Engineering is a precise art and units are important!

I thought i actually needed 20 MWh and facepalmed how long that would take, but then the door opened as soon as i hooked up a single biomass generator.

Fix the game mechanic or use the right units!
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