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If i go beyond the green line, i take damage from an invisible source. Not even an icon appears in the HUD

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If its very rapid (rapid flashing but little damage each tick) you are probably at the boundary of the map.
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I'm not at the edge of the map, see lower section of the image. I'm pointing at the current location with the cursor on the right side of the map
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I have the same issue in a different part of the map, in the middle of an open field.  It's not radiation or gas.

How do you show a picture here without just pasting a link?

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I haven't been there myself, but deducting from your position and what is nearby on www.satisfactorymap.com, you seem to be close to a uranium node. I read that those give you radiation damage when not wearing a hazmat suit, further reading about radiation damage at https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Uranium.

Could you give an update about whether or not it is radiation damage?

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It's not radiation. The radiation symbol doesn't appear when I take damage here. Unless that's a bug.
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