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Hello guys

So i got something for you... I like transport and things around ... and for my advise you should change truck station settings. I mean in my case i got more stations at one place well and sometimes trucks do not following direction and sometimes unlucky drop cargo at wrong station but is not problem in trucks problem is station... Stations unloading everything what is near.... for my advise you shoul setup just one kind resoursce for unloading and you prevent this kind of issues or you can setup just choosen trucks can unload on some stations. :) Its my feedback and recomendation.

Guys u doing amazing game keep ahead is it perfect project! :)

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Finding that you construction materials you loaded for a long range trip are missing was not fun, and I only found them when my factory's power shut off, because construction materials were unloaded to my coal station.

Suggestion: Use 'F' key to interact with stations while in trucks.

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I've been working on a playthrough heavily using trucks and have found a few practices that help.

  • I always exaggerate building stations away from the path they travel.  This helps accidentally moving cargo.
  • I keep resource drop points grouped and isolated
  • I avoid fueling every station to keep spacing more friendly.
  • Though it doesn't solve problems you bring up I do buffer with mk2 storage on every station.  This helps make sure they don't get full.
I completely agree with the suggestion though and would add, truck stations should require vehicles to stop.  It shouldn't matter if a moving vehicle clips a corn if station bounding box... If it's moving it doesn't need to transfer.
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Agreed, I have similar issues. I put too many Truck Stations together in a small area, with different resources. They often get jumbled... the Truck tuning is... well there's room for improvement.
Would be nice if Trucks: -knew not to crash into each other (wishful thinking, however most of the issues stem from the Trucks straying from their course after a collision)
                                               -Truck Stations were for specific Trucks; they only unload/load to the Trucks designated to them
                                                - Or, I like the idea of a full stop for loading/unloading, except that a nice short trip the to Station is often helpful

In the meantime I have a stop gap solution: Smart Splitters enabling a colostomy bag of sorts. Set up a smart splitter right at the exit of the Truck Station, and sort out the good from the bad. Set the Center of the Splitter to whatever resource you want sent into your main vein, and have the rest pushed off the side. You'll have to clean out these bags every once in a while, but at least everything keeps moving.Thinking I might even set up a way to reintroduce the refuse into the system with more smart/programmable splitters, but I'm trying to to go too crazy with Experimental stuff, wait for a stable version before putting in too much work.
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Yeah I'm trying to use the smart Splitter approach when working with lower volume products... But anything high volume I keep dedicated.

The latest update, even though it didn't touch vehicles really, has helped a ton.  Lifts make life so much sweeter in keep space friendly and then there's the industrial containers.  Those make vehicle solutions a little smoother with multi I/O slots.
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