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Watching Snutt's stream, I seen him running around looking after his storage containers if full or not or what ever.

I guess he is not the only one doing that, as I do the same all the time. So why not adding status lights to the containers:

  • Green - Container is empty
  • Yellow - Container is filling
  • Purple - Container is emptying
  • Red - Container is full
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Actually i purpose using some sort of screens on the containers to further clarify this:

green circle - Container is empty
yellow arrow pointing up - Container is filling
purple arrow pointing down - Container is emptying
red triangle  - Container is full

one potential problem is when output speed is similar to input speed. Not sure how it is best dealt with.
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Maybe no emptying and filling status just Empty/In-Operation/Full

Green - Empty
Yellow - In-Operation
Red - Full
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actually; should just upvote the following: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/14028/will-possible-indicator-storage-containers-show-that-they

That one has 24 votes currently and this one has only 4.
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Or a HUD mouse over saying what is in it and fill %
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