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We all know how to build conveyor belts. You click on a startpoint for conveyor belts or on the end from another belt and drag it to an endpoint and then you click on it to confirm and to build.

And this is what I want for the foundations.

If you have for example a single foundation-line with 20 foundation in a row as orientation, you just click on the side of the first foundation (foundation 1) of this line and drag it to the side of the last foundation (foundation 20) and click on it to confirm and to build.

The same we could do with the walls.

This method would make building much faster.
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As i up voted this it would be helpful but should be an end game reward. The shock and awe on YouTube is knowing what you have to do to actually build the monstrosities. If new first time players spent all time just making buildings they would not learn many of the complexities with a said build mechanics. Let alone the possible shock to the game stability .
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I don't agree that it should be an endgame thing. I could see it being a major turnoff for new players. It would make building easier, and also make it so that those "monstrosities" will be puny to those who put in the effort.
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In stead of the way its done by conveyor belt, it should be its own separate way to "paint".  For example.

Wheel still rotates to orientation before LMB is clicked.  Hold LMB to start to build in location.  It goes in a grid as you walk staying on the same horizontal axis.  Basically like you are painting it.  You can hold shift while painting to go upwards vertically on the last horizontal foundation you left off on.  Would make it super easy to build the perfect pathways.  Would eat through concrete.
Well, Frostyside42  you didn't explain that end-game item so let me do it for you. You could be able to build a drone that you could take control of and go into the drone movement every developer know what i'm talking about. this could allow you to click and drag foundations and walls just like in Scrap mechanic since you could look at the platform /wall you want to build and simply drag the first to last piece
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Yep, foundation and path building is the most annoying thing for me currently. Lots of times you have to build endless pathways or ginormous levels for your base and it is painful as hell.

Should be, select foundation, click and drag, depending on where you point, it would create a pathway or a rectangular x by y floor. And the same for ramps, walls, stackable conveyor supports (forgot the name of this :) ). Ramps take the cake in obnoxious level.

And you may put this feature as a bonus on some low level upgrade you develop in your base (wassy before space elevator). Or put this already in the beginning.
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