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As you "level-up" with tiers I think your production rates in factories/constructors should also increase. 

For example, lets say you have Tier 8 unlocked.

Constructors building items from Tier 1 & 2 should produce items such as ignots, cables, plates twice as fast.


  • Your more efficient and smarter than before
  • It could help with people's computers that aren't as fast and reduce the amount of machines required.
  • Perhaps this will be included a research chain or specialization perk
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I don't think you're smarter if you don't realize buildings don't magically produce more items if you increase an arbitrary tier number.

Being Smarter/ more experienced would mean that you'll be able to expand your current infrastructure more easily, because you're faster and more efficient than before.

Not to mention at this point you'll have more of the building blocks to use so having to craft stuff in order to build has become a thing of the past.
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In essence this is already a thing.  As you start unlocking tiers you start opening up things like being able to see efficiency and over/under clocking.  Want your buildings to produce more? Overclock them and they will.
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in the wiki there are multiple tiers of smelter / constructor and so on. The only thing thats probably not there yet is a "upgrad / replace" funktion. You still have to delete and place the building

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"Your more efficient and smarter than before" - You are. You have faster belts, splitters/mergers, you have more efficient power options, even upgraded mines. That's your fault if you don't utilize the advantages.

"It could help with people's computers that aren't as fast and reduce the amount of machines required." - Gameplay shouldn't created around the concept that ther'll be people who have poor machines (and I feel your pain, I had a ~10yrs old rig just 2 months ago)

"Perhaps this will be included a research chain or specialization perk" - There is. It's called overclocking.
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There will be V2's of Smelters, Constructors and I think Assemblers although no mention of Foundry's, plus using faster belts aids this
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