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Thanks for fantastic game so far, been at it for about 20+ hours now and can't put it down. One of the things I love about the game is the resource management, flow rates and all that stuff. For anything future I have a few pieces of feedback and suggestions that I would like to see, at least from my personal view/opinion.

  1. [Storage Containers] One that that would be super helpful would be some indicator (external?) or a dashboard (internal when viewing container) that would indicate the fill/empty rate of the supplies being put in. Something like this could be helpful when managing the output of it to other resources
    • Saw some other post about visual indicators with RAG status, which I think could be cool feature to integrate also
  2. [Power Management] Whenever I am viewing my production facilities I see its stats and how well it is running and what its optimal performance is. What I would like to see could be some sort of slider/throttle for the efficiency of the production facility, this would allow for a better power management and potentially avoid spikes 
    • Aware that this might be a bit to micro-management like, but it is the kind of things I like.

Those are 2 things I have for now, love the game, love the road map and looking forwards to putting many more hours into this game.

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The second one is already implemented.
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