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It seems to be intuitive to me, that we could use the 2-4 input processors with the lower complexity recipes.

Eg: Set a foundry to smelt iron @double(?) speed, using both input slots for iron.

It doesn't sounds technically far-fetched to me, as smelting 2 materials and alloying them together should work just fine if the 2 materials are the same, and no alloying is required.
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Do that, and you remove the purpose of the smaller machines.  You reduce the content.  Overclock the single/double inputs and you have your increased output.
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Not really. First, overclocking doesn't solve everything (eg: logistics), second, there are still applications for lower speed machines (eg I never wanted to overclock my Caterium smelter).

By this logic, you could argue against higher tier belts, because you can always just add more of them.
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Ok, I have over 50 hours in the game and unlocked everything of the Current Version. Now i completely Rebuild my Factory for max out everything.
But what you asking dont brings a real benefit to the gameplay in my mind.  It would only simplify the Game to far and powerslugs becoming to powerful with this Change.
Just build 2 smelter and a merger.  Or Build a smelter+merger and overclock it to 200 % .   And your comment about belts is somewhat of wrong.  Take screws for example, a T1 isnt fast enough to handle one Screw constructor . Moreover, a T4 Belt is bit to slow in my mind. It doesnt fit in the Math. Belts are also necessary to connect your Factories together. This is the difference.  If we had only T1-T2 belts, this would become a huge Mess in the late Game. Cheers
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