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The tractor is awesome, It can destroy tiny plants & trees and enables me to explore alot more easier and safer.

The truck however, i only like it for its cargo capacity and nothing else, mainly because being a huge behemoth of a machine, it tips over by just getting nudged by the player or attacked by a spider, handling is terrible even with six wheels, suspension is too soft, floaty and horrible and worst of all being an enormous and expensive piece of machinery, can't even destroy a measly tree.

A little more weight to a huge behemoth would be nice.

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Agree, the Truck is a pain to use in areas where there are small bushes.  Tractor is fine.  Also the truck uses fuel while idling, whereas the tractor doesn't. Don't know if that's a bug or by design.
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It's a bug im sure, because its only happens occasionally for me, sometimes it will sometimes it wont
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I cant understand all this troubles with the vehicles, I've used em since alpha weekend, and they work most excellent. All my builds now feature several automated trucks and tractors, with absolutely no flaws since day one, and first path set
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They both run well on clear land.  But when exploring, the truck is stopped by small bushes that the tractor happily runs through. and despite a wide footprint, it rolls over easily.
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I like the Tractor for a number of reasons, its close to Perfect.  The truck is all wrong, (great cargo bay ++)  The suspension of any 1 wheel is correct, if 1 wheel has a small rock under it, it rides over it.  It handles like a dune buggy, but definitely has the mass of a truck.  The centre of mass is too high for the suspension, or too heavy.  The brakes also lock up very easily,  like there is insufficient downforce on the wheels.

And she rolls like a barrell !
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