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After 50h+ on my solo game, I finally succeed to reach tier 5 (my rules was no hand crafting), and I'm kind of disapointed.

The previous tiers were fun because they have real incentives to spend time on a pretty factory. On tier 3, you need to do reinforced iron plate which take some work, on Tier 4 you have two milestone, first modular frame to unlock steel production and then motor which need you to plan steel production. And then came tier 5, were well, you do not need anything... If you plan ahead you already have automatization for everything needed, and there is no point to fine tune your production as you will be highly limited by power (especially if you start using fundry production for iron ingots) and looking like crazy for coal is not that interesting as you have fuel generator coming on tier 6. So it feels like a tier were fine tuning is more a hassle and seems better to rush to tier 6 directly which kind of break the fun.

So here my proposal to have a more natural progression in Tier 5. Like Tier 4, it should be in two step, first focus on industrial manufacturing and then oil. Something like this :

  • Industrial manufacturing : do not change
  • Oil processing : should require Heavy modular frame instead of modular frame and it should have a way to increase power production, by moving fuel generator directly there or by providing an non automatizable power source like the biomass burner (a fuel burner?)
  • Caterium electonics : should be move to tier 6 and require computer (just my two cents)

If i'm not clear just tell me =p

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To me it seems that you are just picking holes (just my two cents) Give the game a chance to get established, lets see what is coming in tiers 7 & 8
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Yep sure, don't get me wrong i love this game. I can't wait to see for what is coming. However still feel that mk.3 belt are kind of useless, they came late and when you have them they can already be easily replaced so it make no sense to use them extensively like you do with mk.1/2
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That is kinda funny, I rush to mk3 right from the start. Then I take my time...
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Well that what i should have done =O But i was already tier 6 on an other game so wanted to see how it flows without rushing
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