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Realistic, sure, but clumsy.
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dual rebar guns, how you gonna reload them, do you plan on hanging around the uranium nodes and mutating an extra hand for reloads?
Ideally I'd like a hot bar for inventory items so I can quick swap them.
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i kinda agree especially when you are in battle so maybe having two hands avail, one for weapons and one fore food or both for either, idk,   but another if you have full health already you shouldnt be able to keep consuming your item, sometimes im not paying attention to my health or go to fast and i end up consuming more than i need to
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Hotbutton for foodstuffs only
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h to heal or something
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Still a relevant suggestion. Even though extra hand slots have been added.

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Basically saying the same thing, but not completely identical:


Just showing the connection, so that it can be looked at as single suggestion.
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The experimental build has the answer. You have several slots for your hands now so that you can put berries, nuts or mushrooms in on slot and your weapon in another. In combat you switch from weapon to healing item by scroll wheel, left clicking to heal and then scroll wheel back to your weapon.

This wa one thing that frustrated me about combat (especially when fighting the spiders and bee analogues) but now it works great. I can be using the object scanner, get attacked, heal, shoot the enemy and get back to using the object scanner without looking at the inventory once.

Note: slot 1 currently has a bug if you try to deploy portable miners from any slot but slot 1. The miner deploys correctly but then stays in your hand and deletes whatever you put in a lot 1. I lost several chainsaws and Xeno-bashers that way.
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With 5 slots it's still a little too hard to scroll accurately during unexpected combat (frame hitches during combat frequently cause it to skip items for me).

Removing scroll wraparound would really help - then you can put a heal item in the bottom slot (mousewheel fast down to select that) and a weapon in the top slot (mousewheel fast up to select that).

Automatically moving more heal items from your inventory into a slot when the current stack runs out (or moving them one at a time as you consume them) would also really help avoid some nasty surprises.
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If you want clumsy you should try Ghost Recon Breakpoint. That makes Satisfactory look as smooth as silk!  oh and GRB is supposed to be a Triple-A title!
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Quick slot :D would be nice like you can switch between construction bar and item bar - using 'z' maybe
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"Z" is for the map now
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I changed mine to M, which seems more normal. :)
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In the latest content patch, you can now equip 4 items in your hands and swap amongst them with scroll wheel. Put some berries in your second slot and you can easily swap them out.
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Right click to consume, press button to heal would be great
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I dont think there should be a dedicated heal button as it would lead to it being able to be spammed when in trouble, but it should be able to be used from the inventory imo
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A single heal button would also tend to hide some of the potentially interesting optimization of the different amounts you're healed by each food type. Either you need a few different heal buttons for the different levels, or the single heal button would need to be smart and automatically use the right item.

I feel like making it too smart takes something away from the experience.
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It could just be an item that you set to be used by the heal button
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I actually hope that the food system is expanded on.. Farming would be a great addition.. Food, Harvestable Bio Material for fuel plastics and what not.. I know they can only do so much ^+^ and im greatful for everything!! I still cant wait till mod support ^+^
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YES; This please!
I'd love to be able to "replant" the roofs of my factories, so not to borgify this entire planet
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The multiple hand slot, you can change with the mouse wheel, they introduced works for me ! heart

I just keep the healing next to my weapon, switch with mouse wheel, heal and switch back nice and easy without having to open inventory

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An option to change the mouse scroll direction would be nice.
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What I would like, is in most games.

Button to eat and a scroll for weapons.

Not sure what to do about equipment, think maybe leave it alone.

Should have to swap those out manually, maybe...

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How about having some kind of auto doctor in tier 7, that could fit body slot, requiring inhaler, ai limter and circuit board (And as gamers even now have fears about running out of food, perhaps this thing could have a more scientific approach to healing, then consume hydrocarbons xd).
Adding autodoctor that replenishes with power inside hub would also be fenomenal, and a natural addition to research branch.
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use the newly added hotbar/shift click it instead
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