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swimming is so slow, it takes so long
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Agree - water mechanics need a little work.  You cant jump out of it onto a surface either, so you're SLOWWWWWWWLY swimming the edge until you find a nice smooth beach to walk out of...  

for a super advanced being, water sure has our guy stumped!  :D
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To be honest I have been thinking lately it would be cool not only to have boats for faster travel over water, but what about ships that could be automated and carry cargo like trains and trucks do already?
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that is a great idea. i like it. and. maybe two types of boats a big and a small one
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Exactly just like the difference between a tractor and truck in the game already.
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yes with a boat station or a harbor. that can automaticly unload just as with the tractor and truck. and maybe ad the auto pilot function as well
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Jetski, speedboat and a barge?
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a barge for freight like the truck and a speedboat for exploring like the explorer!!
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