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Guys, can we have a way to have Full programeble Splitter ? Maybe a intelligent Tool or a new Splitter. For Etappe what i mean. When Storage x is filled up to xxx% than change Splitter x Output to x (for example close) ...  ist would be a Kind like redstone in minecraft ... using a Brunch of intelligent Splitter is pain in the Ass, cus items get stuck... you can calculate your Production but for example ironplates is a thing what you Need Most for walls etc. ... its just a example .. the posibilitis are big as redstone to do a real Full Automaten Factory .. would be awsome

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Yeah some logik functions how in factorio would be nice.  I Think, they will come soon. Because, there is already a such Splitter in the Game. (Programmable splitter) However, you cant build it, because , you can't Build advanced Electric Engines. ;)
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conditional, logic gates, circuit network, are very welcome, and we could be able to tweak the automation. dumping the excess of fuel into a truck station or turn off some assemblers when a connected container has X itens, split directly into numbers instead of thirds, endless possibilities
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