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I found a "0" zero floating in the air in the middle of a river at the mountain... why is it there? laugh

Also the river seems to end in a funny way

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It's something to do with the animation of the water. I found a 4 when going through the same area
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This place is certainly one of the most beautiful, and has no feature node, and as the map within the game has not been released, we can assume that it is a great work in progress.
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I've heard it's an unfinished high tier area ...Alpha- no nodes there either

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If you ever run into a random number floating around in the game, that's our in-game score system. The higher the number, the better you are at the game.

Obviously a joke, but it's the official response!

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LOL  I've seen numbers 0 through 7, but  they were in reverse order on a small stream, so as I progressed, I was getting worse t the game?  XD
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Not just an zero, i found a entire sequence. could be some kind of reference for level design who knows? And if not fixed in early access, hopefully it will be fixed on full release. since it's only a visual bug i believe thats not a priority, most of people are more interested on lifters and stackable splitters, belt balancers etc...
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look like references animation sequence to me. probably above or below a waterfall or something similar with a looping animation
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