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edit: this is not a suggestion of terrain editing tools, but to just enable ability to fill holes or destroy predetermined objects that are in the way.  Large cliffs or rock structures should be unchanged!

I do not think for one second that Satisfactory should go full Minecraft, nor do I believe at this stage in development would it be realistic.  However, I do find mostly in desert that the tall pillar formations and random holes are perpetually in the way as my factory gets laege.  Foundations do solve the holes, but I do like keeping my factory as organic as possible, so I don't really like that end result most of the time.

All I'd really like to see is the option to destroy some of those pillars and fill some of those holes.  I'm sure many places on the map could be evaluated for minor adjustments at cost of player resources.

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There is already rocks to blow up though.

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Already been stated that this is not something the game will get, both because of the way they've built the world, and for it to be a challenge to get your factory working around the terrain.

If they were to add this they would need to rebuild the world with a new system in place, as cliffy rock surfaces etc are modular pieces placed in the terrain which uses a heightmap.
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I altered my post slightly to be more clear of my meaning.  I'm fairly active in game development as a hobby specifically using UE4 and runtime terrain manipulation is a huge fallback of the platform they used.  Which is more than fine.  A couple minor tweaks to allow us some flexibility would be nice and relatively simple to implement.

Essentially add some invisible objects that you can fill by spend X concrete and define some pillars that be taken down with dynamite.

I love the challenge of the terrain but knocking down a lone pillar or flattening a small hole would be a nice tweak.
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Gotcha, yeah that should be possible and a nice change. Seems we're getting gunpowder in the next patch, so maybe some of the larger stones in the way can be cleared at the very least. Definitely the "egg-stones" covering different caves and nodes will. And I've had some boulders clear when I take down trees giving me limestone.

So there's to some extent indications to coming means of clearing way in a field at least.
Filling holes on the other hand I have some doubts will be a thing besides using foundations
Perhaps we can get some different types of foundations in the future, both with snapping and some without snapping acting as the ground.
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