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You should be able to over/underclock jump pads so that if you need to go higher/further than jump pads can right now, you can.

There are workarounds for now but I think this would be a cool addition nonetheless.
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That is a great idea! That would allow us to really make a perfect system for a connected jump sequence.
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You know, saw this suggestion, I expected something silly, but this actually has some potential. +1
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I dunno about the slugs part... perhaps just slider set to 3 (floors)  by default but can be slid higher or lower depending on how many floors you want to scale. Maybe 9 max and just uses more/less power depending on the setting.
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Yes, make jump pad force configurable.

2 Answers

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we really can use a ghost indicator to see the maximum distance/height and do not kill ourselves too much when building and testing jump pads
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I Really Need this feature! This is sometimes really annoying with Jumppads. I have also no issue to use powerslugs for Overclocking
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