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Since quantum computers are to be introduced, keep going that direction. There are so many crazy technologies that could be introduced in higher tiers.

It would fit into the story that there would be a lot of science fiction technologies. Since so many people complain about long distance item transport or walking for 10 minutes in one direction there could be something called a

quantum bridge - basically a machine that teleports items instantly to another machine, it could have a very high energy cost to keep the bridge alive (for kind of balancing purposes)

quantum teleporter (for persons) - self explanatory - high energy cost per teleport

quantum batteries - storage for energy (so that if max capacity runs out, there is a small buffer of energy left)

(These were just a few examples)

 Everything high tier science (like quantum/ possible also other high end base materials?) should be complex to make and something like a „small“ goal (so you are happy that you finally got such technology)

Also complex is not meant to be „super long waiting for production“ - instead maybe just more different ressources you need and more procedures to get these high end technologies!

I hope the purpose of this suggestion is understandable and a good idea ;)
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could be related to remote storage https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Remote_Storage
but I'm more interested in the use of dark matter, let's grind s.a.m. ore and maybe convert it into dark matter.
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Interesting, didnt knew that!
Also dark matter is kind of related to quantumobjects, so that would fit either way - maybe kind of a higher tier (quantum -> dark matter -> ??)
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Dark matter will be created in headron colider, and to create it will need only energy.
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Ah didnt see that though ;)
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