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I believe there's some traction with adding roads to the game already, but as another addition that could make trucks/tractors easier to setup and define their paths would be creating path beacons.  They're just special beacons vehicles use to follow a path between bases.  Instead of recording the path manually or setting it up and Sharing it you could just place these beacons along the path you want vehicles to travel.  When you setup vehicle automation you just specify the nodes you want the vehicle to follow.

This would not work well for narrow bridges without guardrails most likely, but general open paths it would make it faster to set up paths vehicles take.

Granted a UI that just lists a bunch of beacons wouldn't be user friendly so it would likely need some color settings or require access to a map to make it friendly to use.

I use a lot of vehicles so not having to manually record every path is painful.  Additionally this setup may allow options for programming wait times or conditions for moving between nodes.
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