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So we don't loose our Unlocks.

Or a "Nah, that's not working out that well, Take the HUB too," Button?
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If/when you delete your HUB you don't lose your unlocks - or anything for that matter :)
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Suppose you build in a nice area(say up to coal), not knowing what's ahead. Through exploration you find something better where all the nodes are within 500m.

Right now, I just start over, far easier than deleting 500+ objects. It gets a little boring with repeats.
But it looks like no one else does.
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I'd rather start over than build a whole new base personally.  However I wouldn't do either until I was pretty far into the game.  This kind of game always encourages multiple runs through.

In a game like this you will probably always find a better location.  Though better is always opinionated than factual.  tractors and later trucks make setting up long distance runs easy.  Trains will make it even easier.  Foundations mean that you can make a sky base that has unlimited flat space If you place them high enough.

Edit: after thinking more about this topic I do have to note that something like Factorio's construction robots would work well for this and be useful for other stuff.
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