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Everyone who ever has looked at the temperaturs of his/her computer knows that things like CPU, GPU and other stuff becoming hot if you use them and overclocking your computer without cooling it the perfect way, it will cause roasted hardware sooner or later.

So we have here in the game the stituation, that we can overclock a machine to 250% - without any cooling (but the surrounding air) what is just insane (but I do not want to miss that!).

But still we miss the need to cool our equipment before it will take a break for cooling down it self. So here is an idea for that:

We need the same number of slots for cooling as we have for overclocking. And a new item to be found, I'll take some new berries as example: Glacier Berries

  • Can be found everywhere.
  • Can be eaten - same effect as Beryll Nuts.
  • Will make you immun to poisonous gas for 2,5sec when eaten (does not stack)
  • Gives you a 2,5sec brainfreeze when eaten - you can move, run, jump - but not open any ingame menu, like inventory, or bulding (ESC still works of course)
  • If you have 5 Glacier Berries you can craft a Cryo Shard
Cryo Shards are the coolant for your overclocking.
Shards will always work as a pair: You will need 3 Cryo Shards and 3 Power Shards if you to go for 250%.
Beside that is would be nice to have temperatures shown - like the temperatur around you and that is gets colder at night - aswell as that is gets hot when your are standing between your overclocked factories.
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I love the idea except *Will make you immune to poisonous gas for 2,5sec when eaten (does not stack)* if anything it should have more of a small harmful effect, as well as a benefit since it's supposed to be a cold item. example: -effect you cannot attack for 10 seconds (eating it makes your hands really cold) after eating this +effect gain 4 bars of health back (to go with your brain freeze idea also). that's just an example I can think of but I do like the idea +1
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