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Can't join online games as all my friends names have a exclamation mark by them. So does mine when they look at me. Only works if I use a VPN for a short time. Tried disabling and general fiddling around with windows firewall to no avail.
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What area are you try to connect from and where are your friends?
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Canada Alberta, they are in the same area and they can join each others games.
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I am also having this issue, both of us are in the US running our games on laptops using Mobile hotspot to connect to the internet. We can't join each others game and there is an exclamation mark on both sides
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So far all I can figure out is that to fix it I might have to port forward the connection. I’ve tried many different things and still nothing works. If you are having similar problem please consider upvoting the question so it gets more attention. Thanks!

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That's becouse epic games store not available in ur region so you need to use a VPN to fix that issue
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But I am able to play other games online in the epic games store, and my friends live here too....
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