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Using a tool checking ports when someone tries to join it seems that the game changes which ports it uses each time, which makes it hard to join some (where upnp fails I guess?)
However we tried opening some of the ports between that range that tried connecting and when those ports are prompted it works, but it's like a roll of dice every time we try to connect.

I'm not 100% sure how this works, but it's what I've observed with the knowledge I have, I might be wrong.
Would be nice if the game could state which ports it requires for a stable connection
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It's called an Ephemeral port and it's designed to randomly select a port in a range.  Many applications and services do this, including poppa MS -- It's not unusual really.  You'd just need to open a range on your FW for that application only to establish trouble free access.

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So i did some packet sniffing and troubleshooting. Looks liek the game uses the STUN protocol generates a connection. Looks like they satisfactory is on AWS. so when a client tries to connect this is the order

Client STUN Binding request from Satisfactory server -> Satifactory server negotiates with host on a random port responds with STUN XOR mapped -> client then connects to host directly on that random port by sending STUN bind request

what I also see is the game sending ICMP messages to the host

i have not been very successful without connecting via hamachi
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