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1. Flow splitter: A splitter that has one input and two outputs. Player can set desired rate of items per minute that are allowed to pass straight through, everything above that rate will go to second output. Does not recognize item types.

Reason: Rate limit. Will allow user-controlled distribution: will allow evenly distributing output or input of machines to other machines without being limited to 1/2 or 1/3 base rates like normal splitter/merger do. And allows ways to avoid 'bottlenecks' like conveyor in between merger-splitter duo.

For example: will allow evenly splitting input of 180 items/s as 36 items/s per 5 consumers without overfilling conveyors.

2. Flow controller: A device with input and output, small buffer (one-two slots), allows to set maximum output rate. Has couple modes for buffer: like 'keep empty', 'keep full', use for balancing (empty when input low, fill when input too high)

Reason: Rate limit. Buffer. Fancy. Will allow user-controlled distribution and can compensate spikes in production.

3. Allow to control container's output rate (or add a container that controls output rate)

Reason: Mostly Fancy. It is far more satisfying to see constantly moving content of the belt, than empty or full&static belt. Also helps with issue detection (if something doesn't move - it broke). It will be also nice to be able to turn off container output by reducing output to 0.

Somewhat related topic: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/6937/add-a-ratio-to-splitters

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The flow splitter could probably be the programmable splitter that will be introduced soon.
But yeah, moving conveyors are far more satisfying;)
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I saw a sneak peak of the programmable splitters and yes, they have kind of a flow control. A little awkward so far, but it's what you're looking for.
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According to info on wiki and on this site, programmable splitter is more like advanced smart splitter. It filters by items not by flow.
Ex: You can designate output for Iron plates and 'all' output, but first will have priority (or something like that). So if you have a stream of 180 plates/s and need only 36, programmable splitter can't achieve that without conveyor being overflown.
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This would be extremely useful. Programmable spliter != Flow control splitter.
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