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It would be nice to have more different creatures in the game, for example different enemies in different biomes.

Also, enemies in late game biomes should be a bit harder than other ones and maybe there also should be some „alien“ bosses in the game to get kind of a challenging aspect to exploring the alien planet.

Another thing is respawn of enemies, they doesnt respawn at all right now. Maybe make them respawn, but not too frequent (otherwise it would be anoying).

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I'm glad most of the creatures don't respawn (expept spiders, I believe). It's only consequent since berrys and bushes don't respawn either. As often as you travel the map and take the same routes over and over again, it would be annoying to meet (and fight) the same creatures all the time. I remember one title of the Far Cry series, where this was the case. Just repetitive and boring.

And regarding your other wish:

(from the Coffee Stain Roadmap)

Further down the road - TBD
• Improvements on core gameplay and systems
• The rest of the FICSIT Milestones and Tech Unlocks
• More buildings, parts, vehicles and creatures
• (...)


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Yeah i know what you mean, thats why i said not so frequently, it would also be a possible way that at places that are visited very often nothing respawns.

And thanks i overread that in the roadmap ;)
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I think a respawn should be possible, maybe in a minimum distance from player created structures (fabs, smelter, etc), but not only transportation structures like power lines.

And i think the world should be become more dangerous (optional).
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Actually, enemies do respawn right now, provided that you haven't built ANYTHING within roughly 50-100m of them.
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Watch the game trailer again if you looking for new monsters.
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