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The S.M.S.C - Smart Mass Storage Container - is a combination of some already known technologies you have in Satisfactory:

  • Storage Containers
  • Splitters
  • Mergers

S.M.S.C Mk.1 - A logical combination. Coming with: 

  • Capacity of 36 slots
  • 4 openings in fixed configuration - one per side
  • 1 input, 3 output
  • Size of 2 normal Storage Containers standing side by side
  • No power from the grid is needed
22 Iron Plate
2 Cable
20 Iron Rods

S.M.S.C Mk.2 - For things getting serious. Coming with:

  • Capacity 72 slots
  • 8 openings, partly configurable - two openings per side
  • 2 inputs, 6 outputs - but you're free to chose what an opening is doing.
  • Size of two Storage Containers Mk.2 standing side by side.
  • Requires power from the grid
4 Reinforced Iron Plate
30 Encased Industrial Beam
30 Steel Pipe
1 Computer
5 Circuit Board

S.M.S.C Mk.3 - Effective and efficient. Coming with:

  • Capacity 100 slots
  • 16 openings, 12 of them useable at the same time - fully configurable and programable
  • 1-12 inputs, 1-12 outputs
  • Same size as the S.M.S.C Mk.2
  • Requires power from the grid.
2 Heavy Modular Frame
30 Encased Industial Beam
30 Steel Pipe
1 Super Computer
3 High-Speed Connector               

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Aside from perhaps higher capacity, what is the point of these when there are already components in the game with the same functions.  Part of the point/challenge of games like these is to come up with a logical or efficient design.

The biggest problem people have is they try to build everything too tight together, end up having no room to link up required components when they open up a new tech tier, and then they get pissed that they have to tear it all down to re-place it with more space or with the ability to send material where they need/want it to go.  S P A C E things out.  That's the key, not duplicating components that already exist.

This is just me, but I enjoy trying to build efficient, stacked storage, and once you get a decent design, storage is essentially infinite, providing you give yourself ENOUGH  S P A C E.  :)
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If there were such a thing, I would be dumb not to use it, but I kinda agree with Stickerjim. Part of the fun is figuring out how to assemble basic components (like belts, splitters, storage) in a way that lets you duplicate and scale more complex systems (like sort/store setups or line balancers) that add up.
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