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rock destruction is a must for me, or what could happen is the building destroys whats around its placement.
You can easily build huge flat areas already.
Large flat areas = foundations...
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I wanna also add move plants that produce food they dont re-spawn yet but would be nice to move them out of the way
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Smaller rocks can be cleared with explosives.

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At least for now if there is a tree or shrub near by if you use a chainsaw on them, the rock will be destroyed too.
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In my experience, this doesn't work for all rocks (even some small ones don't disappear)
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I did some experimenting with this and found it isn't dependent on your proximity to the rock, but the plant's proximity to it. If you pick a plant that's too far or your inventory is full then this trick won't work properly.
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they are going to add somthing for it because on the road map it shows sulfer reasuch chain so their might be guns and explosivs comming the next month
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Definalty gun powder coming at some point. I came across a drop pod that needed 4 gunpowder to open.   Also one that asked for Crystal oscillators...
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As of the latest content update, these rocks can be destroyed with sufficiently advanced technology.
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there is propably a way in ea to do so...

I hope also the big rocks can be destroyed sometime
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I'm pretty sure at least some of them can be removed.  I found a big white rock with cracks on top of a mining node.
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Small rocks can now be destroyed using the explosives (Nobelisk)

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"The farther you go from the Nobelisk the less damage it does. "

I really dont understand idea standing behind this.
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Would be so easy ... add laboratory to develope glycerine for dynamite xD
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nobelisk can blow up destructable terrain, now introduced on experimental
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(knowledge of leaked data)

You can destroy these rocks in the next comming update in april,

they are introducing something that is called a nobelisk, basically some kind of remote explosive.

You can then destroy these anoying things (and yes sulfur will be needed for it)!

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This has been implemented with explosives as of April 30th
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Yes, but only small rocks and destroyable-by-design rocks. All other fail to be destroyed as for now :(
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That's possible now using explosives - the milestone for which you get from researching sulfur.
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