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When placing storagecontainers head to tail it is possible to connect them with a belt, but then it is impossible to upgrade the belts afterwards.

I found the same problem wit splitters and mergers, but that is a bit less annoying, as removing and reconstructing a splitter is a lot less work then doing the same with a full storage container.
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if you are having a hard time when they are super close. for me i kinda have the the same issue? but when linking a smelter and a splitter. there is that caution paint guard(black and yellow paint) bring your mouse courser   right about there.... thats my sweet spot, anyways. or if need be we can link up and i can help you out.
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sorry if that make no sense. keyboard stopped working on the laptop... im using the touch key pad.
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Rebuilding a container that's full? Easy, just Ctrl click and drag to the garbage the entire content of the container. As long as the infrastructure to build more is there, that's not a problem.

Reconstructing a splitter can be turn out to be quite a bit more work as far as I'm concerned. They don't mind placing under a conveyor belt, but they complain as soon as you try placing anything under them, which means that you have to build them in a top down manner. The end result is that if you ever have to rebuild anything around that splitter, you end up having to take down the entire thing and rebuild it from scratch.

You should see some of the tight spaces I've got. They would give you nightmares.
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