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okay so there are some rock on a hill up to a power Slug ( its surrounded by those pig things, and some poison plants?) and the best i can explain it is, ( sense i dont have a screen shot yet) because it was dark out) i was just under the power slug as it was on a rocky like ledge, and there are about three rocks right below.. as if someone might have missed a gap that was supposed to be filled in? i jumped right on top or like... between them and sunk down behind them. if need be ill try to take a screen shot and send it if you guys get back to me.





and the picture below are of me looking down into the hole and getting into it, and looking out of each hole....





and thats pretty much it.
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Yea, our little lamps could be greatly improved.
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well thats  all i got for shots. hope that kinda helps pin point the bug/ unfinished spot lol. i mean i never tried getting out with supplies...... but when i do runs i never really carry much with me anyways. ( its more fun that way. )
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Is it not a cave you fell into? The pictures are kind of confusing to look at (smartphone screen size doesn't help either) build out? Seal it up with a foundation until the devs address these areas. There are a few.
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no @Sparrow... its a hole behind some rocks up on a ledge ( not super far from the starting area ) and sorry the pictures arent to your standards.... its at 720p, because im playing on a gaming laptop.i took multiple pictures to show kinda the  area where it was at.

if anyone else would like to maybe take a few minutes and kinda go to the spot if you can MAP this or if i can team up and show you just so i can get a confirmation its just not my game file?
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I just fell in there with a ton of mats I picked up while exploring so now I'm going to probably not get my crate back with all my stuff as there seems to be no collision mode command or ghost command, this will be the 4th time ive died to terrain issues and im starting to feel rather put off as I could avoid a lot of headaches if there was just a ghost command or something to toggle terrain collision.
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