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1- a readable label on the container will be very usefull when you have multiple containers near each other.

2- i found many problems managing trucks and truck stations, in particular:

2A- truck AI must be improved so if you set multiple trucks on same route for different resources (naturally with two truck stations, one where load and another where unload for each resource) so the trucks could automatically evitate to collide between them.

2B- if you need to build many truck station near each other, one for resource/route, many times a truck go a little over its unload station, and finally it stop in the area of another station that is supposed to unload a different resource  with a different truck. In that condition the wrong station unload the wrong resource and then the station distribute the wrong resources to the wrong factory.

To solve i think it will be very very usefull to have the possibility to set a specific resource in the options of a specific truck and the two truck stations involved in its route, so if the wrong truck goes to stop to the wrong station nothing wrong will happen. A system where only the resource set to a station will be loaded/unloaded.

3-on the the conveyor splitter/unifier is often needed possibility to set up the sequence of split. For example, on a conveyor is running a group of 5 resources: the splitter automatically send 2 on a side and 3 on the other, but u need to send 1 to a side and 4 to he other side. Please consider that option to be manually set by the user.

4- same thing on the containers, if u use one container to accumulate only the exceeding resource running on a conveyor by positioning the container on the conveyor route, is needed the possibility to set the container to take 1 resource on a group of 5 passing trough it, and leave the remaining 4 resources to pass trough and continue its run on the conveyor exiting from the same container.

5- i wish you are considering to introduce more version of the jet-pack, in particular a version that could litterally make the user fly for long long time before finishing propeller (maps are very great, and this is good, but is too boring going to the edges by truck or running, and if u need to do it often like me this could be a real problem that make me leave the game sometimes for days)

6- in certain situations is needed the possibility to switch off or on an entire "factory", but in the game there isn't a switch device.

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1 - Signs would be great!  Useful for many situations like labeling how much /minute a certain line is taking or being used or where a specific line is going, ect.

2A- it could use some improvements, but the AI usually recovers from such situations.

2B- use walls to prevent this to happen.  Surround your stations by walls so that the AI can't accidently go into the other truck station.  I agree a way to label trucks to only respond to certain stations would be good though.  Personally I would like to be able to color vehicles and have stations only accept certain color vehicles.

3 - There are designs to get exact splits.  It's kind of part of the fun.  Of course there is almost never an absolute need to get the splits right as eventually the line just backs up and the splits are forced by that.

4 - If you need a storage container to actually contain stuff for personal use, use a separate container for that.  I would agree with a suggestion like we need to be able to limit the storage of a container to block off part of the storage so that a container can only store X slots worth of materials

5 - A long, long time no.  Note that you can use high speed belts as a launch pad to speed up flying traveling.  However there shouldn't be any long term flight except through maybe a flying vehicle.

6 - Hopefully logic controls will eventually get added to the game.  Until then use electric poles to switch off factories.  Build each separate line and/or building with a single electric line going into that line and/or building and then branch off power from that electric pole through the rest of the line and/or building.  When you want to shut it off just disconnect that single line!
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Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Really appreciated.
Remember to’ introduce a flying vehicle
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