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NB: This is not the respawning tree issue that has been reported by others (I have that too, but that's another issue).

Sometimes, depending on where I'm standing and the angle I'm facing, I see all of the trees I've previously cut down suddenly reappear but flickering as if they're not being rendered every frame.  What I see isn't a high-quality image of the trees, it's more like a low-quality outline or "ghost" of them, like only part of the rendering has been done.

Moving or turning often makes them disappear again, but as long as I stay in the area and look in the same direction which initially triggered it (often NE for some reason), it will happen again.  Returning to the area doesn't always trigger it, but it might at a later time.

I can't interact with the flickering trees in any way, it's just a visual glitch.  Given the large areas I've cut down (about 1/2 of the map!!), this issue really stands out when it occurs as the whole screen can be filled with flickering tree outlines.  

Fully patched Win 10 Pro, 1080ti with latest nVidia drivers, 32GB ram, Ryzen 2700X 8-core CPU.  1440 Resolution on 4K monitor, nVidia freesync enabled, Ultra settings except for grass to make bushes easier to spot...

No trees visible

Next frame they appear, and then disappear again just as quickly (looking like pic 1), flicking on and off rapidly until I move or turn...

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