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I think it would be cool to have the hub more of a play in the game as opposed to having to find which building made your ingredient for the tier upgrade then pick up your 2500 wires etc. and walk it back to the hub.  Sort of like the space elevator, have a way to belt the items to the hub so it can be automated while you work on something else or go explore.  then when its done you come over push the button and choose your next research.

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Build a warehouse of containers, dump all your resources into it as a middle point, and move your hub near it.  Complex, but part of the fun of the game is memorizing large complex production streams.
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I do that but I find it annoying to have to grab a pile of crap just to move it to this building to hit a button.  I love the automation aspect of the game and I like to keep my belts moving. Anyone can set up a warehouse of supplies and grab them as needed, that's just boring to me.  I want to be able to automate ever single aspect of the game.  And the way the game currently sits, the space elevator is just a big hunk of junk that I build when I need then promptly disassemble since its in the way.  It would be nice if it had a bigger part of the factory.  Just some thoughts, I appreciate your opinion :)
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What he means is that is sucks that there are parts you can't automate, in a game about automation, science is one thing, biofuel is another thing
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Biofuel is not made to be automated - it is just the first step to automation when you can use coal.
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Just a few things thinking about this:

  • Automatic feeding the hub with research supplies well still force you to set the research you want to do manually
  • The HUB don't need the same things all the time so you will have to fiddle around with belts transporting needed items for research
  • You will have to find a way to prevent the HUB from getting to much items or running full and causing a backlog on the belt(s)
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^ all of this. Plus the larger unlocks via the space elevator can already be automated to gather resources. Thats enough for me. I setup a small factory to just feed the elevator everything it needs for the next tiers. Meanwhile I use the HUB to do the milestones in the tiers,, allowing me to do 2 unlock paths at once.
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