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When I launch the game in single player or multiplayer mode my camera (What I can see or my cursor) passively goes up towards the sky without any mouse input. Even when my Mouse is unplugged it still goes up. I can counteract this effect by taking my mouse downwards but this is unplayable because, I have to do it all the time.

When i check "Invert Look" in the settings the effect makes my camera go downwards.
Does anyone have any idea to fix this problem?
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Same problem here, happens only in Satisfactory, but reinstalling didn't solve it for me, pretty stuck :(
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Still no more option? cause reinstalling is useless
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I cant see this problem. Propably it would help if you tell your mouse model, try connect other mouse, check drivers.
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About 2 months ago this bug was fixed but as of #101486 Targeting is fouled up again ,  the cursor looses targeting and looking at feet while tapping the tab seems to unlock or unstick the controls .

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This is happening to me as well. I thought it was my mouse but I have cleaned and changed the batteries. Do you have another mouse to test to see if its the mouse???
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We had the same Problem. Reinstalling the game was the only thing that helped
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You can reinstall without having to redownload the entire game by:
1)  cut/pasting the contents of C:\Windows\Users\{you}\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess anywhere else
2)  uninstalling the game
3)  installing the game again, but pausing the download once you start getting some data
4)  cut & paste that folder back to where it was before
5)  resume the download, it'll take just a couple minutes

don't worry about your saved games, they won't get deleted
confirmed this works & fixes the bug :)
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i tried this and i got the game going again, but still had the problem
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Most certainly caused by an uncalibrated controller. I. E. gamepad, racing wheel, flight stick, etc.
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had the same problem, gamepad was turned over stick was pointing up. unplugged controller and is now fine
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So i started having this Problem today, mouse/player view going upward making the Game unplayable. This behavior isnt present in the games menus or on my PC desktop, but is unavoidable while in. i wont beat around the bush anymore, but this wasnt a Game bug for me at least. I have a few Controllers (xbx1/xbx360) plugged in my pc from a previous Local Coop with friends and i guess one of them was on the floor with the Right stick/Look stick pushed upwards. Unplugging that Controller fixed my problem. (restarting the game after unplugging should fix it, if the Controller is your problem)

This may still be a Actual bug in the game, but i thought id share my solution/mishap that solved my "Game looks up without mouse input" issue.

Mouse Cursor going up, without any mouse input

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It could be some sort of calibration issue with factorio, tho its unlikely caus I'm pretty sure mouse mouses are clibrated by your operating system so if that were the case it should be the system.

But if factorio is not reading you mouse input properly for some reason the only thing I can think of might be it's for some reason thinking it's a joystick and isn't centering on the axis...

Or maby, probably some other reason
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