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I came here to say exactly this. I found so many times that I wanted to set my belt at a different tier and would have to put my belt away, get out a belt pole, build it then back to the belt. what a pain when there is an unused "scroll" that would allow you to manually pick the height each time you place.
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Yes yes yes. I would also add that the height settings seem to be too large, they could be in smaller increments please.
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Being able to scroll up/down to go from ground to stacked/ stack height would be great, particularly for long runs where you have to see how far you can go, switch out, build the stacked pillar, then switch back to running the conveyor from ages away.
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A confirmation click.
After alpha over watching youtube for other ideas. I found out that you can adjust the height on the poles. So that's what all that double clicking was about.

Click to set and click to adjust.
Can also work for power poles. I can't stand seeing all those wires zig zagging at eye level.
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Possibly have the mouse wheel rotate the belt and shift-mouse wheel have it control the height.
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I totally agree with the shift-mousewheel to vary height suggestion. That would become second nature so quickly. Combine that with @RobertTheBruce's suggestion above with the stacked poles, it would really smooth out long and complex conveyor runs.
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and not go up by such huge increments, maybe half of what it is now
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yes, rotation when placing a belt target pole would be awesome,
and also the ability to switch the pole type to a stackable (hit the shortcut) vs. regular.
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To use some of the current mechanics; First click selects the conveyor start location, second click is ether ended on an input or used as a conveyor pole placement, then use mouse to drag height and mouse wheel to rotate, last click ends process.
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I would use the "Page up" and "Page down" button to change the height. Thats how most games control heights.
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i'd like to use shift + mousewheel for height adjustment tbh
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Same, but as long as all game height adjustments are made with the same method.
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I didn't even know you could already control the support height... >.<
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You can only choose the height when building the actual conveyor poles. You cannot set the height if you are using the pole that comes from running a belt.
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Yes this for me creats so many issues not having this option especially when trying to creat complex belt systems, having the option to raise or loer the supports would greatly aid in a more effective system.
At the moment i resort to useing rocks or foundations to lower or raise.

Like a muppet i did not read properly and found the raise and lower mechanic myself, but By what jarquaelmu said about not being able to do it while building the belt long distance would be a nice feature to have the ability to adjust it....but i also get the mechanc of carefull planing so im in two minds about it.
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Stackable poles by default also please. As a toggle option once unlocked, would be great.

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In general i feel we could have better options when it come to set build rights.

for exemple when you make fences you chose a side but you cant force to keep this side sometime it will reverse making it dificult to just run and spam create

Same when you make long floor in the air often your block goes over are under you cant just chose a line and say hey just build this hight and spam create
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Maybe like a click and stretch for the length you need?
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Yeah thats a good possibility, and the longer you stretch you potential build, if shows the increase ressources required, then you valid or not
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It at least needs to have the identifier when setting the individual pole to a belt. Also the ability to turn the poles more when not on a foundation. Currently when off the foundation you can turn the pole 4 angles, when on foundation, only 2. The identifier shows up when you are setting the pole to a device, but not to another belt.
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Reading all the comments I don't see the issue.

It has already been answered!

when placing a pole, rotate it with the mouse wheel (as you rotate everything you want to place). Then click to place to pole. Next, drag the pole up to the desired height if you want by moving the mouse up or down. Lastly, click to fix the pole in position.

Adjusting the pole after placing it is not logical as you would not do this in real life either.

REMEMBER this is early access. There is no manual yet. you have to find out yourself why things are as they are.
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